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This service is run by volunteers. Please talk to us if you see any problems and we will try to resolve them. We work on a best-effort basis, so there are no guarantees about how quickly we can respond.

To contact us, follow the "contact the server admins" link on the web site.

This is Santa Circles privacy policy version 1, released on 2022-07-20.

We may update this privacy policy from time to time. When we do so we will create an issue in our development issue tracker, and give notice of at least 30 days. If you prefer to use the service based on the old privacy policy, you may do so during the notice period.

We won't use your data for anything other than the service. By "the service" we mean software that allows you to make and manage gift-giving events and wish lists. We won't sell any of your data to anyone.

We don't collect any personal data - we only store what you explicitly supply: account information (e.g. username) and the data you use the service to store. The only use of cookies in the system is to allow you to log in, and this is not shared with anyone.

We may contact you (if we have your contact details) if we need to talk to you about something that is happening on the server.

If we think you are behaving in a way that is preventing others using the service, we may delete your account or block you without notice. Normally, we will try to contact you, especially if it looks like you didn't do it on purpose.

We try to be design our software and services to be secure: following best practices for authentication, data transfer and storage. However, there are no guarantees: as in all systems, there are likely to be bugs, and we may well make mistakes. Although we will try not to, we may leak data or lose your data. If it is vital that your data be fully safe and secure, please use a different service.

The server administrator can read your data (but normally won't). Your data is stored on a secure server, but people with access can read your data. They will only do this in the very rare case that they need to do so to keep the service working properly. If you want to ensure no-one can read your data, please use a different service. If you want to help us implement end-to-end encryption, we would welcome your help - please contact the developers.

To report security problems contact the developers using the "contact the server admins" link on the web site.

We communicate about security problems by email with the reporter until they are fixed. Once they are fixed, we document them as issues in our development project bug-tracker.

Backups of the data are taken daily, and kept for up to one month. Occasional backups are kept for one year. If you lose your data, we may be able to recover some of it from the backups: contact us and we will try our best, but no guarantees. Backup files are stored on a separate secure computer from the original data, and again can in principle be read by the server administrator, although we won't read them unless we need to in order to keep the service running.

We will keep your data while your account is active, and we will keep the backups for up to one year after you delete your account.

If you delete a circle it will be removed from the server within a few minutes, and it will be removed from our backups after one year. If you delete your account, your details will be removed from the relevant circles within a few minutes, and they will be removed from our backups after one year. If you need to wipe some data from our backups, please contact us, but bear in mind that this is a manual process and may take some time.